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13 Week Elite Athlete

Summer Block

We help youth athletes become the best versions of themselves on and off the field


We understand youth athletes have crazy schedules with school and sports. That's why we develop results driven training programs and coach/mentor each athlete every training session, so that they can develop skills for sports and life in a fun and positive training environment.

Here's what parents have to say about TNL:

"TNL has an extraordinary training program for athletes. They are positive & influential role models that work on developing positive attitudes. They're a LEGITIMATE training facility for athletes!"

"If I could give this place 10 stars i would!!! My daughter was very hesitant before starting and instantly fell in love with TNL. We couldn’t be happier to find such a great place...send your kids here you won’t be disappointed"

"My sons both love attending the elite athlete program. They look forward to their sessions every week and are making so many gains!"

"My daughter has had an amazing experience at TNL; she's learned the proper and safe way to perform weight training exercises & seen massive speed improvement on the field"

"My 13 year old son loves TNL! He's gotten significantly stronger and his soccer coach said he was noticeably faster during a recent try out."

"In the time my daughter has been in the program, we have seen significant gains in body control, speed, strength, and confidence! Her favorite part of the day is going to TNL"


273 Whitehead Road,

Hamilton, NJ 08619

273 Whitehead Rd, Hamilton Township, NJ 08619, USA
(609) 250-2770

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